The Federation Humana People to People is participating at the COP 26 climate change conference, which is scheduled to start on Sunday 31 October and will run until 12 November. COP 26 conference takes place in Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change leads and organizes the climate conference under a Committee of Parties (COP) arrangement. Up to 25,000 participants are expected to attend the conference from government officials, media, international and multilateral institutions, civil society organizations and other actors.

The Federation Humana People to People attends the COP 26 conference and promotes the project Resilience building as climate change adaptation in drought-struck South-Western African communities, Angola and Namibia, 2021 – 2027” (ADSWAC). Funded by the Adaptation Fund, and in partnership with the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), the 5-year project is expected starts in November 2021. The ADSWAC project is about addressing the frequency and intensity of droughts, promoting increased use of climate resilient farming practices, drought-resistant crops and micro-enterprise initiatives.

The five-year project is responding to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report of 2018, which specifies the western part of southern Africa as being one of the most hard-hit regions by climate change impacts. The ADSWAC project is implemented in a consortium, which has OSS as a lead, and ADPP Angola and DAPP Namibia, the Federation Humana People to People member organizations, as implementing partners.

The project will build resilience among the Angola-Namibia border communities focusing on sustainable farming, water management, climate change awareness raising, organizing community-led actions and organizational capacity building of local community structures.

In partnership with the OSS during the COP 26 conference, the Federation Humana People to People does highlight:

  • The call for climate adaptation is urgent and action must build on the capacities of people living with the effects of climate change;
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience must be created from the ground up, locally-led and facilitated by governments and donors;
  • Climate change knows no borders, so neither should our responses.

The Federation Humana People to People has a virtual joint stand with the OSS at COP 26 to demonstrate the experience, built over many years, in improving sustainable agricultural methods, food security and protection of the environment, and not least, doing it all together with farmers and their families in organized groups and systemic manner.