Child Aid Chimanimani project was initiated as an emergency response program to the effects of Cyclone Idai which affected the district in March 2019 and destroyed crops, livestock, infrastructure and people’s livelihoods. 

Child Aid Chimanimani project seeks to promote 1500 families affected by Cyclone Idai have access to basic social services that include education, health, food and nutrition so that they fully live their lives in dignity and honour in wards 6 and 9. The project will focus on strengthening the economy of the family; health with emphasis on water and sanitation; children are active in the political, social, economic and cultural spheres and food security. The project will focus on income generation, climate smart and improved agricultural practices, prevention of water, sanitation and hygiene diseases and promoting youth activism in community development.


The project will work with 60 Village Action Groups and other local key stakeholders in implementing project activities towards creating opportunities for children to fully grow and realise their full potential. The projectwill build on the 4 months emergency response program which ended in August 2019. It will focus more on recovery and stabilisation to build the capacity of 1,500 families to be able to provide access to basic services to their children. The project compliments government and other civil society organization’s efforts in addressing the challenges faced by families affected by Cyclone Idai in the district. The projects expected impact is improved food, nutrition and income security of affected families including improved health and wellbeing. The project will also contribute to the participation of children and youth in the political, social, economic and cultural spheres that affect their lives.