The Community Preschool Education Project in Longling aims to prevent poor children from becoming poor adults. The projects are established in villages located in remote, poverty-stricken areas. Closed or abandoned old schools and ordinary rooms are renovated into classrooms, followed by recruitment of preschool teachers through Village Committee leaders, Parent Committee members and parents after undergoing professional training. Initially parents’ participation in meetings was approximately 50%; participation has since increased significantly to 95%.

The project is implemented according to HPP’s Preschools of the Future (PoF) concept, engaging the five main areas: Health, Science, Society, Language and Art. At school, children are taught manners, encouraged to aspire new goals, develop good, healthy habits, and communicate effectively with their peers, laying a solid foundation for primary school.

The PoF project has been cooperating with the local Poverty Alleviation Office since 2014, leading to the establishment of 33 PoFs. Of these, 14 were handed over to Village Committees. The remaining 19 classes are being supported by teachers, with both children and parents as beneficiaries.

At the end of June 2019, another 11 PoFs received support in Longling, along with another eight in Tengchong, with 20 teachers running the classes. A total of 459 children - 194 girls and 265 boys - directly benefitted from this project.

POF Longling 3