With the aim to enable rural women in bringing the social change and economic development, Women Empowerment & Financial Inclusion program of HPPI (Humana People to People India) was implemented in 4 states of India namely, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The idea of the program focuses on providing relevant information and training to women, enhancing their confidence and motivating them to be the leaders who catalyzes community development. It aims to build the ability of women through financial and basic literacy, so they can manage their financial resources effectively, access financial products and services and avail the benefits of various schemes and programs of the government.

Through financial and functional literacy and entrepreneurship trainings, the program reached 136,591 women in 2018. The program provided functional literacy to rural women with an aim to diminish the existing gender gap in literacy levels and make them self-reliant through education. The program provided skill training to 5,871 women that helped them in becoming financially self-reliant. Also one of the major achievements was operationalization of 30,730 bank accounts of the participants, which played an important role in allowing women to access and avail the benefits of several financial programs and schemes by government and other financial institutions.