DAPP Malawi has 24 years of experience in working with communities in Malawi, shoulder to shoulder with the poor, building their capacity to improve their own lives and the lives of others. Over the years, DAPP Malawi has increased its capacity to implement projects, which builds the capacity of the people themselves in how to improve their living conditions. DAPP Malawi has over the years demonstrated that it can handle funds up to more than 10 million USD annually and deliver projects with high quality.

The idea is to implement a series of actions which will prepare DAPP Malawi to respond to new funding opportunities and demonstrate its capacity in good governance systems. The project has as an end goal to benefit the People of Malawi through expansion of DAPP Malawi projects.

Through the implementation of these actions, DAPP Malawi will build the capacity of its staff in human resource, finance, administration, data collection and data analysis, report writing, proactive communication and promotion of DAPP Malawi as well as maintenance of buildings. In addition, the actions will also build the capacity of key staff in the four teacher training colleges to train voluntary preschool teachers, using the national curriculum, and thereby contribute to early childhood development of the children between 2- 5 years of age in Malawi.

The actions started in January 2019 and now has been extended from 18 months to 24 months and will end on 31st December 2020.