The Child Aid Project in Machinga IV is an expansion of Child Aid Machinga III. The project builds on the idea that the people in a community start working together in a structured way. They discuss in common and decide to take actions to solve issues of mutual interest for the community, in particular those that involve the wellbeing and upbringing of the children, so as to create and ensure a safe and conducive environment for the children. The project is reaching out to 13,500 households/ families or a total of 67,500 people, organized into 30 Productive Units each consisting of approximately 450 families forming Village Action Group with 45 family members each.


In Child Aid Machinga IV project, people will be organized in smaller groups, Village Actions Groups, as a basic structure. It will be a low-cost project without material input from external source. It will instead rely on local resources with the Village Action Groups and their families organizing about sticking together on how to improve the living conditions with what is available, using the tools learned from the program.